Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Update on radio shows

Hi there ! Once again, I got behind in my posting, but spring is on the way and there is so much to write about, and in my next post I will get to what's happening in the garden and around town, but first I have a little catching up to do.

There have been 4 (!) 'Down in the Dirt with Diana' radio shows since I last wrote. (Don't ask me where I've been.) Here's an update.  

On January 14, 2014 we talked with horticulturist Steve Schmidt about the fascinating and mysterious world of fungi, not the typical mushrooms that this usually brings to mind, but rather, the network of fungal strands that exist in enormous numbers in the soil under our feet, everywhere, and the very important relationship they have with about 90% of the plants we grow.

Listen here:  Talking About Fungi 


On January 28, 2014 We  talked to Salem gardener, retired Science teacher and worm enthusiast Sally White all about the wonders of those little red wigglers, what great things they do for our gardens, and how we can raise them for their worm castings and for the fun of it !

Listen here: Raising Red Wigglers  


On February 11, 2014 we had a fabulous discussion with Salem Rose Society president Maryann Bierne about the correct way to prune roses in the Pacific NW. She gave us some great information and special hints, and explained why this is such a great place to grow roses. 

Listen here:  Pruning Roses 


On February 25 we talked to Master Gardener Harry Olson about growing our own vegetable plants from seeds. We’ll be talking about choosing the best and most interesting varieties from the great selection of seed catalogs available, get recommendations on varieties of vegetables to grow from seeds, and how to start them early in a greenhouse or in your own house.  

Listen here:  Seeds!  

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