Thursday, January 2, 2014

Walking Around Salem, Part 1

Here we go, sliding headlong into 2014. It has been dry and somewhat mild for the last couple of weeks here in Salem, Oregon. Today it's in the mid-40's and overcast - good walking weather. I don't mean to sound unsympathetic to our neighbors to the east (and just about everyone in the country is east of us!) who are being blasted by serious winter storms, but I am so glad to be here, and not there. I grew up in Chicago and have lived through some brutal winters, so I do sympathize. It was a good place to be FROM. This nice dry weather is a mixed blessing, though, since it comes with a cost. 2013 was the driest year on record in Salem, (since records began to be kept in 1892) - 23.50 inches, compared to an average of 39.67 inches. The driest year to date, up until 2013, was 1985.   

So I've been out walking today, camera in hand, exploring. Our neighborhood is full of charming houses, little garden niches, and surprises. The next few posts I make will be mostly photos. There are too many for one post, so I'm spreading it out. 

So come on along, and join me on my walk around the neighborhood. 

(If you click on the first photo to bring it up, you can get a slide show of the pics at a larger size) , 


Cute House 

Heading over Mill Creek
Ducks on the creek today ! 

Finally got all my ducks in a row ! 

To Rake or Not to Rake -- 

Cute House !  

Corner post ? 

Yard Art 



  1. I absolutely LOVE ALL of the photos that you take. You have a wonderful naturalist eye for nature's beauty.....<3

  2. Enjoyed our walk together! The white house with blue trim captured my interest the white picket fence. Don't see them that often anymore. :)

    1. There is such an interesting mix of houses in this older part of Salem..